Simple in black

Black is such an easy colour to wear and that’s why I like wearing it at night. You can make your accessories stand out. It’s nice as it can be sexy and sophisticated, and you can wear so much with it.

This leather jacket is perfect because it is figure-hugging and edgy. Leggings are great because they are sleek, and cool for the night.

Wear a matte lipstick and a bold statement necklace.e3a0579508c1ee619a0483bf47ba7564


How to rock distressed skinnies

Distrissed skinnies are great for summer as they are edgy, cool, and nice to pair with kicks.

Distressed jeans go great with statement t-shirts which is why I’ve made this outfit.



Sweat Shirts are Versatile

Sweat shirts are easy to wear, chilled items that are great when you just want to hang out and relax.

This black sweat shirt is great because it’s mixed with khaki jeans which really make the outfit look cool. Pairing it with a beanie adds an edgy vibe and a choker is optional to step up the outfit.



Reasons to wear a maroon dress

Winter is all about dark, luscious colors that burst in the cold, stark days.

It is great because it is feminine, bold, and very sophisticated.

The style of the dress is classy with a high-neck and it’s flared out bottom. This dress is perfect to be paired with jackets, blazers a pullover.

Since it is a simple style this dress is easy to dress up or down for day or night.

Add a plain clutch and black heels and you are set to go.



How to pull off lace shorts

Lace shorts are sometimes difficult to wear because they can be quite formal, although they can be dressed down. I’m going to speak about dressing up lace shorts in this post.

So in the outfit below these navy blue lace shorts work well with this halter neck black top because it is lacy and delicate paired with the simplistic hatlter top.

The nude heels are perfect as they are feminine and go with everything. The outfit is soft and sophisticated. 7a581d3a545a4509cedb60b778a1d824


Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hey everyone

I have been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by theshivasponderย . This award is to be given to bloggers loyal to the theshivasponder. I want to thank Shiva for this award because he has been a loyal follower to my blog and a great encouragement.

The Award requires to tell five random fact about me

My favourite musicians are the one’s that tell stories about survival and aren’t just meaningless choruses.

I am not a product of my Circumstances. I am a product of my Decisions.

I would love to be a stylist one day.

I love finding reasons to grow and challenge my previous mindsets.

Interior design, fashion, and make up are things I am passionate about.


I nominate:ย beyond beruit, a touch of my saint, domesticated momster, udayology, luckyjc007