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Can your Clothes Survive a Cape Town Trance Party?

Summer Carnival

Everyone loves a summer festival. Cape Town is known for its many summer parties and trance festivals, and people often ask me, what does one wear to a trance party? Here are some tips on how to plan an outfit for a trance party.

Cape town Nights

Everyone knows the summer Cape Town nights do not get very cold, and when you are dancing you hardly feel the breeze. Baggy cardigans are great as they are very pretty and they give you a chilled look. Alternatively you can throw on a hoody as this will provide more warmth and you can still look cute.


Shown above is an outfit that one can wear to one of the many festivals. You want to look carefree and happy. The skater skirt creates a flirty vibe, yet you still look summery and fashionable.


Crop tops are also a great addition to trance parties. With high-wasited shorts or skirts you can choose the amount of skin you wish to show. Patterned crop tops, or tie dye crop tops work well, as trance party goers love tie dye patterns. Crop tops are basically a necessity in the mid-summer heat. Buy a few so you can alternate.


Everyone loves a loose, flowing tank top. One that sways to the rhythm of the music. Tank tops are great for when the summer is either beginning or ending, as they provide more warmth than a crop top and they can be worn with more types of pants or skirts.


Lace, lace, lace. This trend is fast-becoming a fashion staple, and with lace shorts, jerseys, skirts and tops, there is no limit to lace. White or black lace shorts look very cute, and girls wear them all around the university campus.


A small sling bag is essential to having a good night. A small bag is essential as it light weight and does not cause shoulder pain. That is a killer, it makes any seasoned partier want to go home. An alternative to a sling bag is the little faux leather backpacks everyone is wearing around campus. These are comfortable, chic, and they are light and carry everything you need.


Jewellery choices are important as you don’t want to lose whatever it is that you are wearing. Instead wear a chain that is secured to your neck or a fitted bracelet.


Flower crowns are very popular at the moment, and make you look feminine. They come in many variations and most clothing shops sell them.


Sneakers are the ultimate trance party stompers, and they are comfortable and will not give you blisters.

Avoid high-heels, intricate sandals, and tight ballet flats. You will be wearing them non-stop, and it will be painful to wear shoes that cause you pain.


The most important thing at a trance party is to be comfortable in what you are wearing, have fun, and feel great!

4 thoughts on “Can your Clothes Survive a Cape Town Trance Party?”

  1. Lucydanvers, I am delighted to be a follower. And thanks for following me. I just e-mailed a response to you regarding a contact from you. Now – please enlighten this great-grandmother. What is a trance party? Is it most known in Africa, or it is here in USA, and more indication of how far behind times I am!


    1. Hi there. Thank you for the follow back. Do not stress, a trance party is very common around South Africa, and is much less common around the world, however some of the biggest parties of the world are trance parties. It is a party that is usually held at a wine farm or a farm which has a wide open space where huge stages can be set up and tents can be placed where famous bands play; people participate in the festival by wearing themed outfits, and just enjoy the party for the next few days. It lasts a few days and people sleep in tents and camp out and bring food and stay at the party constantly until it is over. Tickets can range from $50 to $80 so they are usually very good events due to their expense.


  2. As an old bloke I find your writing style refreshing. Your fashion descriptions help me to understand why young ladies here in Australia dress in similar style. I guess eventually I’ll come to grips with why some of their outfits are so daringly skimpy. Best of luck with your studies, I’ sure you will do well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I really try write for everyone, and not just the “typical” niche fashion readers so it is amazing to have your feedback! I am happy you enjoyed my writing and thank you for wishing me well for my studies. 🙂


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