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I have been nominated for the Creativity Award

Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better! I just got nominated twice in one day for two different awards by two different amazing bloggers. It is such an honour to be liked so much that people want to award me for my writing. This really is so great because for so long I didn’t really know if people were interested in what I am writing. Now I feel so motivated, and so happy to keep writing.

Thank you Confusedandcrazilycurious I was so happy when you sent me a sweet message saying you were nominating me for this award. Really has put a smile on my face that I cannot get rid of.

My main goal when writing is to be able to provide a writing experience that everyone can relate to. I try to make my writing as close to what I want to say. I don’t like beating around the bush, but I do like to describe things with relation to the latest fashions.
I have been so full of inspiration, have so much to write about especially in regard to two fashion items that have been in my thoughts lately…

Archana235 here are seven facts about myself

1) I am an avid book reader, and I love reading children’s books. I would love to write books for children.
2) I love the supernatural. Always find it super interesting to imagine there is life after death.
3) Second to my love of fashion is psychology.
4) I major in gender studies and journalism.
5) My dream job is to be a fashion journalist, author or an activist for a human right’s organisation.
6) I have terrible allergies but I have many pets nonetheless.
7) I am easily distracted.

Now as the award goes I am meant to nominate people who are extremely creative in their writing.

Blue Da Newb

Caress. Possess. Music

Domesticated Momster

From Beginning to Trend

Integral Beauty

It’s a Panda Life

Confessions of a Food Tourist

Cooking up stories

Finkelsteins & sons

It’s Almost Time

mismatched mess

more than a dash of salt

musings of a writer wanna be

My Precious Little Thoughts

Playing with my first DSLR Camera

As you can see most of these blogs are either related to food or photography, well I guess creativity is very evident in these blogs and they are very inspiring for me to read.

Hope you all have a great day x

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