What clothes should you pack if you are travelling in the winter?

What Clothes You Should Pack If You Are Traveling in Winter?

When summer is over and winter begins, in many destinations the nights are longer. Gradually the extreme cold conditions of the season begin to emerge. The colorful and contrasting palette of summer gives way to the new tones of winter, which is a different kind of beauty. Some travelers in the Far North even get to see the spectacle of the Northern Lights! Perhaps because of this, more and more travelers are considering visiting Bangkok, Orlando, Alaska and Norway during the winter.

Travelling to places with extremely low temperatures requires preparation so that you can enjoy being out and about even in the coldest of conditions. Some of this preparation includes packing warmly.

Here I’ll share the most valuable tips so that you don’t miss out on any part of your trip! Because we all know that travelling whilst being cold is just terrible!


During your travel in the winter season, quality gloves are a must. Forget gloves that are made of wool or crochet. They do not protect you from the wind or cold. I would suggest thick fabrics. In extreme cold wearing two pairs of gloves might even be necessary!

Just remember that since gloves are like socks, and disappear so easily, so take more than one pair!


2- Boots:

If you’re going on an urban tour then normal boots are fine. However, if you are planning to go for long walks in the snow (and be in direct contact with ice) you will need boots especially designed for this terrain. Ideally, you should take boots that have a drawstring and inner lining. The inner lining is like the last layer of protection for your foot, it works like a super sock. After this layer only, the leather separates your foot from the ground. Of course, the outer material of the boot must be waterproof and should allow your feet to breathe. Another important point is the soles. The ideal sole is one with grooves to ensure you have better grip and do not slip.


Many people believe that waterproof trekking boots are suitable in the snow. The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much time will you actually be travelling in the snow. If it most of the time you will probably need boots like the ones described above. But if it isn’t as cold or as snowy, then the trekking boots will hold up well. Make sure that your boots are waterproof irrespective. Wet feet can be really dangerous on a trip to places with low temperatures.


Finally, a very important tip!  When it comes to buying your boots bear in mind that you will be wearing them when it is cold. So you would probably want to wear thicker socks. If these boots are only for extremely cold outdoor temperatures it might be worthwhile getting a bigger pair so you can wear thick socks comfortably.

3- socks:

Do not forget that you will need to wear thick socks, and in some cases, wear two pairs of socks to stay warm. Don’t leave the house wearing those thin department store socks. Get yourself some wool socks as these can be really useful in the cold temperatures.


4- thermal pants:

The secret to being warm in cold weather is layering. The best layer I can think of is thermal pants, because they are lifesavers designed for minimum temperatures. Thermal pants keep your body warm and keep your body temperature steady. However, don’t make the mistake of wearing them if the temperature rises significantly in the day. Also, leave them at home if you’re planning to spend your day inside and be outside for a short period of time.


5- synthetic thermal shirt:

Thermal shirts are also great just like the pants because they retain heat. The heat is not transferred away from your body but rather drawn in. Thermal shirts are usually made of synthetic material such as flannel or thin fleece.

Thermal top.png

6- snow jacket:

Snow Jackets are the next important item. Snow jackets need to have a cap and thick inner lining. The best ones are 100% waterproof, and are made of synthetic material to withstand the wind.

It’s important to look at the zipper of a snow jacket. There should be a cover of fabric over the zipper so that it is not exposed to the wind. Some brands have a rubber protection to seal the zipper, others only cover the fabric with buttons. These are details that are easily overlooked but I cannot emphasise how much they make a difference to the wind protection of the jacket.

Snow jacket.png

It’s always good to have a heavy jacket. The good ones, are able to withstand up to -30 degrees. These usually weigh about 1kg which sounds ridiculous but when you’re in such serious cold, you will be glad it is heavy. Light jackets do not usually work in extreme cold. And while the lower price of a thinner jacket may be very tempting, it is definitely not worth the savings as you will be cold and miserable.

7- cap & scarf:

Just like the gloves, avoid wool caps that don’t have lining. People forget how cold their heads get, and if you have short hair or have a shaved head you will need a cap. Caps are great as they keep your ears warm, and they prevent frostbite.

For the even colder climates, a balaclava may be a great option. It is a hood that covers your whole head and face, leaving only your eyes visible.

Cap and scarf.png

Scarves are also another important item of clothing to consider. They keep your neck warm, and if worn with a cap leaves you completely covered against the cold. If the scarf isn’t going to work with your outfit then wear a collared shirt and maybe a regular cap. You will be able to go from day to night like this and still look good.

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I love meeting people and playing soccer. One of my keen interests is teaching people how to make a living through online marketing. I teach the correct methods to ensure maximum success and great results.



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