Outfit inspo: laid back summer vibes

This has always been one of my favourite sets that I’ve created.

It’s probably because of the neutral colours and the pink #guilty.

These summer cardigans that are a little looser are really cute because you can layer them and wear them with leggings when it’s cold. Their loose but their super sexy because you can wear them over crop tops or lacy bras and look great.

I also think this pendant is a great edition cause it’s soft. This black top is really trendy and pair it with these shorts and you’ve got a really cute outfit.

Also love this bag.

Top – Maisie Horn Button Rib Bralet (BOOHOO). Necklace – Floating Crescent Moon and Diamond (DANA FAITH). Cardigan – Loose Fit Button Through Cardigan (BOOHOO). Bag – Nude Candice Stud Clutch Bag (TOPSHOP). Bra – Sweet Treats Infinity cutout scalloped stretch-lace Underwired Bra (COSABELLA). Shorts – TALL Denim Shorts (TOPSHOP). Sunglasses – Classic Aviator-Style Sunglasses (SAINT LAURENT).

Designed via Villoid.com. None of the products shown here belong to me.

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