How to wear floral print

Floral can be intimidating. There, I said it. I find floral to be overwhelming at the best of times. It’s bright, summary, and striking. All the things, I usually never pair together when getting dressed. However, having seen many people wear floral, I’ve seen that it can be paired down. You can have a black top with floral embellishments, and as such, if you’re like me, then it is easier to try out this trend.

I’ve created some outfits below via Villoid which I think show the different ways you can wear floral stuff.

The first outfit is super casual, and you can wear it when you’re spending the day at the beach. I like the colours, because the orange stands out and the cream colour blends in, and allows the orange to pop. Pair it with some embellished sandals, and you’ll look great.


Top – Plus Floral Wrap Top (BOOHOO). Sandals – Toe Post Embellished Sandals (BOOHOO). Dress – Rose Shirred Bandeau Maxi Dress (BOOHOO). Heels – BLOCK HEEL Sandal (ZARA).

Maxi dresses can be super sexy. But, when I imagine a floral maxi dress, it isn’t sexy. Except this one is. The black dress works great because it allows the red floral influence to stand out, but not in your typical summer maxi dress style. It’s more vibrant, and the cut is sexy too. Halter neck dresses instantly change a dress, and I think that’s why I like this dress. I don’t usually like maxi dresses, mainly because I’m short, and I just look ridiculous in them. But this one seriously has some style.

Blouse – Flowy Floral Blouse F7STPC12012 (FEW MODA). Skirt – Bleach Denim Skirt (TOPSHOP). Heels – ‘NINA Multi Strap Sandals’ (TOPSHOP).

The style I would most likely go for is the long sleeve loose blouse paired with a denim skirt. I love this look! The reason why is because these skirts really suit all body shapes. Their like “oh you’re feeling fat today, don’t worry, we will change that.” And who can resist that boho style which is just so effortlessly chic and feminine. YOu can dress this top up and down, just by adding some black pleather jeans, and you have a whole new vibe. I probably have way too many of these tops, but I don’t even care; their fun, and they make you feel great.

Top – Tall Long Sleeve Strappy Shoulder Top (BOOHOO). Sweater – Sort Samsoe Samsoe Dame Jaya O-N 9461 Genser (SAMSOE SAMSOE). Pants – Alana Cropped Leather Skinny Pants (J BRAND). Boots – Brandy Micro Ankle Boots (TOPSHOP).

So I used to be a tomboy during high school, and varsity. Sweatshirts were my thing; I had about twelve different ones. And their really cool for lounging around, and even going out for an evening. The trick is to just add a statement accessory to make yourself stand out. That’s where the floral comes in with the sweatshirt. An ordinary item suddenly becomes really unique, and cool. Add in some cool heeled ankle boots (maybe even the ones with the sparkles), and you won’t be that girl wearing her boyfriends sweatshirt, but someone everyone remembers.
So that’s it from me, about floral anyway.

Have a great week everyone xx

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