Style Icon: Hanna Marin

Sometimes you just have those days where you feel totally uninspired. This happens to me when it’s really cold. I rotate the same few jackets and I feel like an eskimo because I am all bundled up. This warmer spring weather is definitely a relief for me, because I have got so many clothes ready for spring and summer! Although I love layering, it gets to a stage in the winter where it is too cold to even wear dresses and skirts. And that for me gets a little boring.


There is nothing better in my mind than a skirt, a cute jersey, a jacket and heeled boots in the winter. It is so chic and feminine. And you can really mix and match with the types of skirts and jerseys you wear.

I love long-sleeve blouses. I’m the type of girl who wishes I could wear long-sleeve blouses every day of the year. Their so soft and feminine and you can change them up with layers and skirts and pants.

Pretty Little Liars have got this down. My style icon is Hanna because she is so girly, and she has outgrown the emo phase that Aria finds herself in. I’ve never really found myself being pulled towards Spencer’s style because I can only handle so many cashmere sweaters, button downs, chinos and loafers. As much as I love Emily’s style, I think that she has this unnaturally perfect body and face that allow her to look good in anything. I’m serious – if I had to walk around in the things Emily did, I would like terrible. Nike tracksuit pants check, a denim hoody check, vans check. I would look like I never left grade 10. And I do not have time for that.

BeFunky-collage 1.jpg

I suppose Hanna’s style resonates with me so much is because it always seemed so unattainable in high school to dress in high heels, smart dresses and blazers. But now it feels more normal. Still, I always knew good taste when I saw it. She never really had stumbling blocks like Aria and Emily did. Except for the times she was shoplifting; that was beyond cringe. But I mean all characters have their flaws, am I right?

BeFunky-collage 3.jpg

Anyway, you should check out these collages that I have created to see some of my favourite outfits Hanna wore.


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