10 Best Halloween Movies Ever

So as we all know Halloween is fast approaching…

It’s that time where we need to watch scary movies and eat loads of snacks. (Sounds like a normal Saturday night to me…) But anyway, besides that, lets dive straight in.

I’ve listed some of the best horror movies to watch when you want to get into the Halloween spirit.

Let me your thoughts below!

  1. The Nun

    So I’ve been following The Conjuring series and I am truly obssessed and the latest movie in this series just killed me. During the movie I just wanted it to stop. Every time I got scared I was like no I just can’t do this anymore. I felt feelings of terror that something would grab my feet from under the seat so I sat with my feet up the entire time. I was n e r v o u s. But it was insanely good. I want to see it again. Go through all that trauma again. Lol the trauma is worth it. The Nun is soooo scary though. Nightmares for days.
  2. Paranormal Activity

    A classic horror movie. We have all seen it… Surely? Anyway… I think that it’s definitely got its place on this list. I mean come on. Did you really sleep well the night after you watched it? Like be honest with yourself? Didn’t think so…

  3. Get Out

    I’ve watched this three times. It is that good. I still cannot believe how amazing it is. Truly terrifying stuff. You need to watch this.

  4. The Visit

    This is a bone-chilling movie. As I’m typing this I have goosebumps. Once, you know the twist you just want to pull the protagonists out of this movie because it is so horrific. Worth the watch.

  5. Insidious 

    Ahh I cannot explain to you my love for the Insidious series. Obviously, the Conjuring series is better but this is a great alternative too. It follows the protagonist Elize and she is a pshycic and a grandmother. She’s a boss and the stuff in this series is dark. You don’t come out of those movies the same…
  6. Rings 

    I never watched the original Ring movies, but this one doesn’t disappoint. It is so scary and the way this girl moves just makes you want to vomit. It makes you really scared of your TV….
    10/10 must watch.
  7. Truth or dare

    I’ve loved Lucy Hale since Pretty Little Liars and this movie scared me and my boyfriend badly. You never can unsee it. These poor scarred people.
  8. A quiet place

    I’m sure everyone has seen or heard of this movie. It’s ingenious and original and really scary. You’re on the edge of your seat most of the movie and it’s got amazing acting.
  9. Halloween (1979)

    I obviously had to include a real Halloween movie on here. So here it is. You should check it out for the throwback sake.
  10. The Village

    I watched this movie for the first time when I was 13 at a girls sleepover and let me just say I really am glad this introduced me to the horror genre. It is also an ingenious plot and it’s really clever. There are moments where you feel sick with fear and worry for the protagonist. Would watch again if I wasn’t so nervous.

So that’s it guys! Let me know what you think and if you would add different movies onto this list!


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