What are you wearing to Halloween? Find out what I’m wearing here…

So Halloween is coming soon! What are you planning to wear? I’ve listed some of the best outfits I can find to showcase what you should wear. Let me know your thoughts below!

Feeling witchy?


Mariah rocked this shiny black dress and she definitely made being a witch look sexy as hell…

Are you an angel?

Alessandra-Ambrosio-x (1)

Damn! Alessandra Ambrosio as the devil is the sexiest thing I’ve seen all day. Great job on the costume.

Dare to be a demon?


Nicole Scherzinger made a bold choice by being a demon. It’s not the most common costume but she looks awesome. I love the cutout detail of the dress. Goes with the whole haunted theme.

Taking it to a ghostly dimension


These contact lenses and this white face just make me uncomfortable. Sometimes, people just look too scary for my liking. But if that’s your thing then go ahead!


These two cuties look adorable as Aubrey Hepburn & Marilyn Manroe. I just cannot deal. Want to take so many photos of these munchkins!!


Kim K has always loved her Halloween costumes and this one is great. I mean come on – Cher! Definitely a winner!

Madonna & Michael Jackson


I didn’t realise that Michael Jason was actually a girl. Kourtney and Kim stepping it up as MJ and Madonna respectively!


I’m a huge Stranger Things fan and Eleven is such a boss of a character. (I think I know what I’m gonna wear this Halloween haha). She rocks this outfit. Guess I’m gonna have to find a blonde wig…


WOW! Talk about effort. Firstly, what is this girls workout routine? To fit into that outfit and look that good is just unfair haha. Jokes aside though; this couple’s outfit is Halloween Goals!

Harley Quinn & The Joker


Not the biggest fan of this pairing. What with Harley’s very toxic relationship with the Joker and all. But besides that I guess it is a fun Halloween costume and makes for a really cool Insta feed. #doingitforinsta

Scooby Doo Gang


Yaaasss! I dig this so much. The gangs coming down to solve a mystery! Even Scooby made an appearance. Just yes.


Alice and Wonderland 

To end off I thought maybe we could all look at Alice. She’s great really. Doing her own thing, climbing down the rabbit hole. That’s one independent girl yo. Besides that, her outfit is super sexy.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I enjoyed researching all these costumes and it has made me so hyped up for the Halloween costume I am going to. NEED to buy a wig now.

Okay byeee!


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