Where did the jeans and dresses trend go?

We are taking a dive back into the 2000s. Why did the most strange styles come out of them? Were there any good styles that appeared? Lets check it out below. 

Remember when dresses and jeans were a thing? I do. I was about 10 years old and they just took over the whole of Constantia. Women everywhere were wearing them and all the cool moms wore this style. My own mom sort of looked down on this style (again I shall not be acknowledging the link to where I got my sassiness from). We used to always gossip about these women and their “bad taste”.

To be fair this style is quirky. It’s not the usual but I think it has its place. I think if done properly it can be really awesome.

I feel like celebs fuelled this trend and I’m going to showcase some guilty ones here.

I dig the shiny black pants with this black shift dress and fluffy jacket. It’s really simplistic but it still stands out. The attention shifts to the fluffy jacket rather than the pants which I think is perfect. If they are not the main part of the outfit then they can really work.

“Reunion” actress at pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills in February, 2017

This interpretation is a bit more bold. Using light blue jeans with this dress make it hard not to notice. What I do like is her hair styling. It’s sophisticated and makes the outfit look chic rather than sloppy.

“Black-ish” daughter poses at Camp IZZE celebration in Brooklyn in April, 2017

Nicole Ritchie just has the confidence to pull this off. She knows she looks dope. And I can appreciate that. If you know that you are gonna look amazing then do it.

“The Simple Life” celeb walks in New York in September, 2017

Tori looks very fun in this edgy outfit. I really like how she looks so comfortable in this. It makes it all work. Also you can always win me over with metallic, glittery colours.

“Beverly Hills, 90210” actress attends the Much Love Animal Rescue celebrity fundraiser in Venice in October, 2017

Great job ladies! Reviving trends may be uncomfortable for a while but you can definitely do it. And being a trend-setter isn’t always the worst label to have.

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