Why did low-rise jeans kill me in the 2000s?

What was it about low-rise jeans that they became the hallmark of 2000s trends? They were absolutely horrific and not to mention that not very inclusive for everyone. Firstly, they’re uncomfortable. You can’t sit without worrying about what’s showing and really who has time to gym so much that their abs are rock hard 24/7? I definitely don’t.

Besides that, high-waisted jeans are in and so are crop tops. It would look ridiculous to wear low-rise jeans and a crop top now. I mean you would have your whole torso on display… Shakes head in horror.

low cut jeans collage.jpg

I was too young to even be focused on fashion at this age, but if I had been I really hope I wouldn’t have followed this trend too closely.

Like I have no problem with you showing your stomach. You show whatever you want to show – but you’re doing clothes an injustice. There are so many beautiful blouses and tops out there for you to be just neglecting that part of your outfit “sobs in the corner.”

Maybe I’m being dramatic – I say this to myself multiple times a day. But if shops start selling high-waisted jeans and replacing them with low-rise jeans there is going to be an uprising. Let’s hope that day doesn’t ever happen.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!


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