Were the accessories memorable in the 2000s?

For me, one of the most memorable parts of the 2000s was how extra the accessories were. Read more below if you want to see the hippest accessories from this period.

Key trends

Frosted Lip Gloss

Remember the little tubes we had with the thick sticky lip gloss that we used to wear ALL THE TIME? I remember I would put this on every few hours and be happy with the sticky sensation on my lips. I was too young to be dating but I would imagine this would be super weird to kiss someone and have all this sticky stuff on my mouth.


Butterfly clips


I thought this trend was so cute, to be honest. It was so innocent and sweet. When I went to junior school I remember lots of my friends used to wear these in their hair and looking back I think it was super adorable. Nowadays everyone is so sophisticated and chic so I don’t think there really is much of a place for these clips now. Maybe I’m wrong.



Rhinestones were in – okay. They were popular for proms and everyday accessories and they were everywhere you went. I don’t think that I ever really indulged in this style as it’s a bit gaudy for my liking. I enjoy very simplistic, delicate jewellery and I don’t like brooches or anything of the sort. But… It definitely does have its place so just ignore me if you like this trend.

Trucker Hats


Trucker hats are super fun and they were hugely popular in the 2000s. Von Dutch hats were also very fun to wear. I have one or two myself and they can make any outfit cooler and edgier.

Livestrong Bracelets


By the time I wanted to start wearing these they started to stop being so readily available. I knew so many adults who wore these who were athletic and it was always something I wanted but never wanted it enough to get them.

Shutter Shades 


These shades made no sense to me at all. But Kanye West didn’t really care about that did he? As a trendsetter, you don’t really need to make sense at first but then after a while when more people to start following your trend then you sort of become the cool one. So I guess it balances itself out.



My queen Blair Waldorf loved her fedoras. She just had a timeless elegance to her that made her shine when everyone else sometimes looked kitsch. If I had to wear a fedora I would look very silly but Blair just looks like such a boss. This is why she is my fashion icon.

Unnecessary scarves


Come on – where did this trend even come from? Firstly, these are not practical! You cannot get warmer wearing this. What were you even thinking? This whole trend just makes me roll my eyes and go yeah this makes total sense… Not. If you have photos where you have followed this style and you think you look good – please, send them through – I really would love for you to change my mind about this.

Oversized hoops


I think there will always be a place for oversized trends. They demand attention and they can be elegant, extravagant or just hectic depending on the style you wear. I’ve never really tried to wear this style but as I said it’s because I like more soft, subtle jewellery. But if you like this style – go you!

Fishnet stockings


I adored this trend. Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl always wore fishnet stockings and she always looked freaking edgy as hell. I was so jealous of her style sometimes because only she could look that good being grunge in a show full of preppy people. These types of stockings are really cool because you get so many different variations and they can really make a normal outfit stand out a little bit more.

Neckties as belts


I thought I would end off this article by looking at this necktie trend that gorgeous Avril Lavinge started. She really is such a cool chick and I think everyone had a girl crush on her. I mean there is nothing complicated about that right??

I think this trend was just outrageous – but I feel like this was the 2000s summed up. Anything went and the odder the attire, the more likely it was to become a trend.

Let me know what your favourite trends were from this time in the comments below!

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