Throwback Best shops for teens!

So Jay-Jays was like a regular spot for me to go shopping. From their skinny jeans to their hoodies to their crazy t-shirts – I was always there. I had a few friends who loved this store to and when they eventually closed down (shame – RIP) no-one I knew really shopped there anymore.


So let’s revisit the best parts of the Jay-Jays era.

Coloured skinny jeans were like the biggest hit for high-school kids. They were everyone and black and denim jeans were not your main go to anymore. Move over boring jeans…


I had a red pair, a turquoise pair and I had a lumo yellow pair. I used to wear them with coloured converse sneakers and brightly coloured statement t-shirts and hoodies. My one friend at the time had a hoodie that said “This b**ch bites”. Mine said “dead but still cute”. I definitely did not have the confidence to wear anything like that. But I respected the hell out of her for wearing it.


My hoodie had a little dead owl on it if I remember correctly. I loved that red hoody so much. I feel like it encompassed my Grade 8 year.

If I look at the skinny jeans trend I remember that even Woolworths and other big retailers started getting on board with this. I don’t think Mr Price was as big as they are now but I have no idea if they had them yet.

It’s kind of sad to see them become less popular but also a relief. I prefer my basic colours when it comes to clothes and like to wear bright colours if I wear shoes, dresses, jackets or tops. For my legs I prefer to wear neutral or darker colours. It’s just a lot easier and it feels more mature to me.

What do you guys think? Do you still wear coloured skinny jeans?


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