Why are we seeing peasant tops everywhere? Are they trying to make a comeback?

Walk into Mr Price – picture it – you’ve seen at least three peasant tops. Peasant tops in all colours, patterns and even shapes in any “basic” store. You stand back and think – what’s happening? I thought we left this behind. (No? Well maybe I just think that…).

Peasant tops are cool. Let’s start this post by me saying that. I’m gonna showcase a set of collages showing you the variety of peasant tops there are. I’m just not sure how they came back that is all…

But I love it – there are such pretty flowy inspired blouses that have poured out since this style started becoming popular again. I am the queen of blouses (I am obsessed with them) and wear them practically every day.

So out of these photos – the white choker neck blouse and the middle light-blue one are my favourites. I love the white one because of its structured simplicity and design.

The blue one is much freer but it is also very refined. I’m not sure if that makes sense – but it also has a polished look and the lady wearing it looks so at ease. It’s like a feel-good sort of top you know. It can be dressed up and down.

I look terrible in yellow (or whatever shade this is) but this girl looks refreshing in it and I like that they’ve used a colour that isn’t as common with peasant tops. I also dig this black top because it is bulkier if you want to look bigger on top. The cut is also feminine so it is well balanced.

Let me know what you guys like the most in the comments below.


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