Do I actually like halter neck tops? Maybe I do…

Hey everyone,

So as you know this month is about the theme the 2000s and what better to talk about today than halter-neck tops?

I really like this trend because it has so many variations. I’ve created a collage of the halter-neck styles that inspire me the most.

This navy blue crop top style halter-neck top is such a cool take on the classic and paired with some low-rise jeans it makes the whole outfit look fresh.

This girl at this festival has the perfect ensemble. With the plait, the pendant and the top she looks ready to have a good time with the girls.

I just love this photo on the right. I mean this kind of encompasses the mood of the 2000s doesn’t it? Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair look care-free and flirty and these tops.

Hilary Duff at one stage had the nickname of being the cover girl for halter neck-tops and can I just say yaaaas? Cause she looks great. Making us all feel good with her celebrating her great style.

These two street style photos are just amazing. The olive skirt goes so well with the white classic halter-neck top and this chiffon cut shoulder dress is stunning. It’s like a Lucy dress – soft and very elegant. I want it now.

This shade of brown is very in at the moment and this girl rocks this. She looks very sophisticated and I dig her hair style. Random I know but I just love straight hair styles. Their not celebrated often enough.

Also, had to throw it back to Nicole Kidman – I mean what a classic lady.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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