Why should you buy a pair of go-go boots in 2018?

Go-go boots were a huge trend in the 60s. Their one of the trends I haven’t seen come back with as much popularity as the other trends, but they have their place on Superbalist. Shiny, white and black angle boots are extremely popular and very chic and sophisticated; for the ultimate fashionista. 

I actually like this look because it’s so fun and fresh. The bright colours remind me of childhook and I love the subtle detail of the sleeve billowing out. The sunglasses are also so cute. If this look was more common I would be happy to wear it.

I’ve noticed these skirts are also making a come back. I’ve posted about them recently on my Icecoffeecouture Instagram page. I actually love this whole look and wish this could make a comeback. It’s so soft and feminine. I suppose I could be daring and just wear this look myself, but sometimes I am not the biggest trend setter. 

This look reminds me of the Charlie’s Angels vibes. So sultry and like futuristic. I really like this headband. It reminds me of Blair Waldorf and how gorgeous she managed to look every time she was on screen.

This is the look that reminds me of what Superbalist is selling. It’s much easier to wear as it’s a shorter boot and it really elongates her legs. Paired with this glorious pink fluffy jacket, I am just obsessed with this outfit. 

Love, love love this look. I adore these kinds of pullover dresses that almost look like long sweaters. Add a statement necklace and clutch bag and you’ll be ready to go. Also, pink is my favourite colour so yaaaassss.

This blog post has really made me want to go out and buy a pair of go-go boots. Their actually really cute and super fun. Maybe this will be my next Superbalist purchase…


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