Do you wear Tie-Dye Clothing?

Tie-dye shirts are famous for being a huge part of the 60s. Hippie style basically was synonymous with this style.  

So when I was younger a lot of my friends parents had been hippies in their youth. So they dressed their children in tie-dye t-shirts or dresses. I wasn’t really a big fan of this trend; mainly because I think my style is much more girly than this. But I still think it’s really cool.

I can’t ever imagine having so many tie-dye t-shirts but if you gave me a choice to get long-sleeve blouses that all look similar I would be on board. So no judgement here – you do you.

If I’m being honest I actually prefer the darker tie-dye shirts. I don’t really like orange, yellow or green so the pink’s and blues are legit to me. 

This is such a cool sweatshirt. I think I would really wear this and I like the dark splashes. It is moody and much more dreamy. I don’t really wear bright colours, I prefer dark or light hued clothing. So this would be cool to wear if I was chilling at a braai. 

This is more like your traditional meets modern tie-dye tank top and I think it’s cool because you can show off your style and sill wear something summery. 

This makes me think you have a lot of passion for bright colours. I dig that. You should wear what makes you feel good. I think it’s awesome when people wear things that represent their personality and make them shine. I like that this is also a twist on the traditional t-shirt and they’ve made it into a dress.


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