Do You Know the History of Bell-bottoms?

Would you believe me if I told you that the bell-bottoms fashion trend did not start in the 60s, nor did women first wear them?

Yes, bell-bottoms originated in a place you probably wouldn’t imagine, and that’s at sea. In the 19th Century, sailors in the 1812 War did not have a set uniform. Reports dating back to this time spoke about sailors who wore pants that billowed out at the bottom. They were not like the traditional bell-bottoms that we know today, as the “real” trend of bell-bottoms began in the 60s. Sailors would use them because they were easily rolled up and allowed for easier water navigation.

When people think about Bell-Bottoms in the 60s, they think about hippies wearing brightly coloured, patterned Bell-Bottoms. They don’t think about how Bell-Bottoms became synonymous with jeans. However, when the Brady Bunch was on TV, wearing Bell-Bottom style jeans became the in-thing. Sonny and Cher, two notable celebrities also helped to make this trend as famous as it was.

Bell-bottoms collage

I personally think that bell-bottoms have such character and pairing them with a cute peasant top is just so swell… I love how free they are and I guess I hope that more people start to embrace this trend.

What do you guys think about bellbottoms? Yay or nay?


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