Turtlenecks all over the 60s

Turtlenecks are one of the 60s trends that never went out of fashion. In fact, I’ve seen them worn by guys and girls throughout 2018. They have become very popular with the hipster movement. It’s weird when I think of hipsters; like do they even exist anymore? I’m sure they do. I just have to UCT Michaelis campus to find them. 

However, their fashion style has become more integrated into mainstream fashion that there is less of a distinction. Heck, even I own a pinafore now. 

As a child, I remember my mom used to buy me a lot of turtlenecks. I always found them strange, but I just tolerated it (I was very fussy as a child). I suppose they did their job though; they kept me warm. I think next season I would like to purchase a turtleneck (I don’t own any currently), but I think they look so great on people.

Their one of those tops that anyone can look good in. I must admit, when a guy wears a turtleneck I’m always like whoa look at you trendsetter cause it’s not so common. And as I said before, they look good on anyone so I do hope people try these out more.

I think I will get a black and grey one next year and give the trend a try. However, I have composed a little gallery of the turtlenecks that people wore in the 60s. Enjoy!

Turtleneck collage


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