Style Icon: Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery was the most daring of all the Liars. She loved bold prints, patterned jackets, A-line skirts, and combat boots.

Her grunge/goth/girly style is definitely memorable. The reason why I like Aria’s style is because she stuck to it. She owned all her accessories, and the statement pieces she wore. Besides Spencer, no-one else really owned their style as much as she did.

Take this outfit for example; it screams Aria. I would have died if I had had to wear that. Talk about in your face. But Aria looks so proud in her outfit; you can see that she feels good. And I dig that.

As I mentioned earlier, Aria follows through with her accessories. She’s wearing a skull top and you’ll see she is wearing skull rings too. The brown offsets the light top and her statement necklace is really pretty. The coloured tote bag also breaks away from the outfit which actually works.

I mean who else wears a snakeskin jumpsuit and looks this nonchalant. Girl – I would be checking myself constantly to see if I looked alright. Yet she looks great. Again – it’s all about the confidence and knowing that’s enough. I really like this outfit because even though it is formal because it is a snakeskin jumpsuit – Aria looks cute. She looks comfortable and chic and it doesn’t look excessive. It isn’t her boldest look though…

Here we see Aria mixing prints again. Some may say it doesn’t work. But I think it looks cool. The bright stripy top offsets the abstract skirt and her accessories are kept to a minimum because her outfit is statement enough. The pencil skirt makes Aria look taller than she is which is great because Lucy Hale is about 155cm in real life!

This is the Aria I adore. She is the reason I spent high-school being obsessed with these types of skirts. I tried one on and looked horrific. But she just looks amazing. Still, have a crush on that skirt (if it’s possible to have a crush on a piece of clothing… I don’t know). Also, her little denim jacket is too cute. I love that is frayed on the edges and the statement tee just rounds it all off. Again – accessories are kept to a minimum because the outfit speaks for itself.

Aria wears a maroon coloured-formal dress. But how does she spruce it up? She adds a striped top underneath. Paired with her little bow, I think Aria look so pretty. The necklace also works because it is reminiscent of that time period and it makes the dress pop.

There’s not a lot of Aria’s style that I would wear, but I would wear this. This outfit is so cute! The skirt, the details on the shirt and the jacket make me swoon. Yes, I just said swoon, some of us love a good grunge/girly combo. The light blue and the white work well to offset the black and it makes the outfit great for the day as it is chic but not too serious. Also, the cut of the skirt is amazing. The little details make the skirt. I would love to have a skirt like this.

Here we see the printed jackets that Aria loves to wear so much. She keeps the colours simple (well simple for Aria) and this keeps your attention on the jacket. I love the cut of the jacket and how it looks on her. The print is sophisticated and not garish at all.

I’m not usually into this colour but Aria rocks it. I love the little press studs on the sleeves. The Liars often have these little details on their sleeves and I love it. Her obsession with big belts is present and it cinches her waist in making her look petite but with a bit of an edge. Her hair also plays a big part in this look; styled to the one side she really looks sophisticated, and that stops the dress from looking overly simplistic.

I’ve never really gotten into these bomber jackets. Maybe it’s just cause I prefer something more girly, but I love this colour on Aria. Side note; I am sort of obsessed with this colour at the moment. It is literally so versatile. This colour can be on a silk night dress or a kimono or a velvet prom dress and you will look stunning. This colour is mysterious but also is regal in its own way. I think I’ve spent too much time obsessing over this colour, for real….

I could wear this for sure. Aria looks great. She can just give this to me now. K thanks. Okay, but besides that jacket, the rest of the outfit works too because it is low-key. The statement longer-length tank top and the black jeans keeps your attention to the jacket. Aria’s haircut looks super cute with this jacket as she looks more mature.

Look 1 is great because who doesn’t love a pair of straight leg pants paired with a tribal top? She looks so sophisticated and grown up! Paired with those cute wedges, she is going places!

The boots in look 2 are so Aria and the tribal skirt looks great paired with an off-the-shoulder top.

Not too sure what is going on in look 3. Not really digging it, but hey, that’s Aria, you might not always like it.

I’mm pretty sure I remember the exact episode Aria wore look 4. It was after she revealed to her parents that she was dating Ezra. And her dad freaked out and was like you are not going to school like that. I was like hello… How is this only happening now? Half the outfits Aria wears would never have been tolerated when I was living at home.

These 4 looks are all really cute.

I love the stilettos and the sheer blouse Aria has worn underneath her polka dot dress.

Aria always looks good in black and purple (is that purple?) Paired with the chunky belt and statement pendant she looks awesome.

Look 3 is also cool because for once aria looks more toned-down if that’s even a thing. (I’ll have her bag thanks…)

Look 4 is also cute because come on, who doesn’t like how she looks? I think it is impossible not to like it.

Finally, to end it off, Aria looks terrific in this dress with a slim belt and a leopard print tote bag. She is officially, the queen of mixing and matching and looking classy throughout.

Hope you enjoyed this and be sure to look out for style editions of the other Liars soon!


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