Style Icon: Spencer Hastings

So I’ve been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars as I wait till March the 20th for the new Pretty Little Liars. Rewatching it has been so much fun and I see why I got so hooked the first time. I must say, now that I am older I think I actually enjoy it more than when I watched it as a teenager.

Spencer’s style really stands out to me in the series. I’m gonna tell you now why I like these outfits SO much.

Her brown trench coat is so cute paired with white boots and a hat. Typical Spencer style, she can make most outfits look sophisticated.

Her choice in the white and red cardi and the tie up pants is too cute. I love it because it is so preppy. It has a cute element though with the splash of colour.

The third outfit is my fave. Her knee high socks popping over her boots are too cute and I love her black dress and blazer. It’s so chic and goes so well with her hair.

I think Spencer in the blue dress is quite unique because she has paired it with a mustard cardigan and it makes her look more like the other Liars. The knee high-socks do remind us that it is still Spencer though.

I love these set of outfits. The detail on the top of the first jersey is so cute. The Oxford shoes are so Spencer. I used to love Oxfords as well as a teen. I think Spencer definitely influenced me to like these types of shoes.

The second top just makes me smile. It is so Spencer. Only she would wear something so ornate yet so simple.

I love the red pullover with leggings and boots. It’s like a nice way for Spencer to be more casual and chilled.

I think this dress of Spencer’s is SO cute! I love the little collar details and how her knee highs just compliment her height.

Spencer’s blazer and patterned top is a nice change from her more severe looking clothing and it shows a softer side of her.

I adore the untucked blouse look. Those leggings are also Spencer-chic.

I want to steal Spencer’s coat. It is just so fancy. I love the half-sleeves and the high neckline. The all-black look paired with the beige top underneath break it up a bit and keep it looking smart.

Spencer looks business-casual with some blue jeans, a white-blouse and a grey blazer. The reason I like this is because of the longer-length blazer. The cuffs are also cool and I think you would easily find something like this off Superbalist or at Cotton On.

The last outfit is what I really want. That skirt is goals and so is the tucked in blouse. I just can’t handle it.

I hope you guys liked this little feature on Spencer Hastings. In real-life Troian Bellisario recently had a baby with Suits husband Patrick Adams. They hid the pregnancy until after her baby was born and can I just say, I really want to see their little girl properly already! But I respect their decision. Privacy is very important for families and I am really excited for them! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this.


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