Who Had the Best Met Gala Looks of 2019?

The Met Gala is one of my favourite times of year because of the fashion. I mean come on. When else can you obsess over people and still seem normal? Am I right?

So I decided to show off my favourite celebs from the Met Gala this year. I loved the Camp theme. Can they do this every year?

Zendaya is adorable and I am pretty sure everyone secretly wants to be her. I mean we all to some level want to feel amazing. And yes dresses aren’t for everyone (that’s totally okay!) but you should find your own way to feel amazing too. Whether it’s a spa day or having a treat yourself day or a day outside, you need to look after you!

Kacey Musgraves has got it on! Looking fabulous in that hot pink and I am obsessed with her hairdryer bag. I mean how camp? Plus goals for being able to pull off that colour. I would look bad…

Can we just talk about Yara Shahidi? She’s wearing Prada and she is just so gorgeous. I just can’t get enough of her. I’m sure you all feel the same; I mean that beehive, that faux fur, that outfit! #GlamKween

Billy Porter…. That’s what he must have heard a lot after divine entrance. I love a good entrance and someone to own their space. Billy certainly did that. I mean look at him. I love it when people own it. I mean come on – be proud of who you are yo!

Ezra Miller

I will never not be in love with Ezra Miller. He is just so beautiful and incredible and amazing. Yes, he is all of those things. I will argue with you about him. I may or may not have also named a hamster after him because why else do you have a hamster if not to name it after cute celebrities.

Hamish Bowles in Maison Margiela. Okay… Do I really need to say anything with this outfit? It is the best thing I’ve seen. Okay. I’ll leave it at that.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas in Versace

So after Game of Thrones I’m a little bit in love with Sophie Turner. She’s just amazing. I want to be her friend. I’m not weird I promise. I mean she and Maisie Williams are literally the coolest. Also the matching outfits is #partnergoals. It must be nice to look good in anything.

Serena Williams killing it out here! She just looked so great! I love the floral and the yellow. Yellow is not easy to wear; you either look like you’re trying too hard or you’re sick. She’s just glowing. I may be jealous about this. I tend to look sick in yellow but we can’t win every time. Also, I dig the sneakers. She’s just so cool. I want to be adopted by someone this cool.

I don’t really know what to say about Celine Dion to be honest. Do you know she is 51? I don’t know what she’s been up to but she looks like she needs a holiday – you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the memes about Celine. Well her outfit definitely is not tired, she is literally a sensation. I wish they could have done something to her hair or something. I’m not a big fan of her head piece; but okay – maybe she was.

Jared Leto in Gucci

My man killing it! What a boss – taking his head as his accessory. Plus his hair is so beautiful. He is just perfection. Also, for those of you who don’t know – he was in the most incredible movie Requiem for a Dream. Yes it is an older movie but don’t hate till you try it. Plus he made teenage Lucy happy in 30 Seconds to Mars.

Katy Perry in Moschino

This is a lot. I mean Katy certainly was eccentric but I feel like some people did a way better job. This is just not subtle enough for me. Maybe I’m being unkind but this isn’t camp; it’s just in your face. #notafan

I love Anna Winter in this outfit. Designed by Chanel, she looks classy and sophisticated. Plus the pink and the little flowers on the dress are just divine. She is so cute – I want to go for tea with her and just tell her how I want to be like her when I’m her age.

Rachel Brosnahan in Erdem

I kind of really like this. I feel like I might wear something like this. It’s more subtle, (the colour isn’t) but compared to your Katy Perry’s and Celine Dion’s, she’s doing well. I also love how the train of this dress still maintains all the details of the frills and bows.

I mean…. What did we expect from Cardi B? I kind of think she looks cool though. Like she did Cardi B for the Met Gala and I think she was true to that. I dig that. Also she sort of looks like a rose and blends in with the rose bush which is super well-done.

Tessa Thompson in Chanel

This is interesting. I can look at this for awhile. Tessa looks really fiery and I love that. From the whip to the contrasting colours she pulled it off. Also, her face just rocks. Did I say that yet? Her makeup is so appropriate for the look; and I’m not the biggest makeup person and I can appreciate that.

J. Lo in Versace

I couldn’t leave J. Lo out of the Met Gala mentions. I mean look at her. #Slaying! I mean if I go on I’m already saying what everyone else has said millions of times. Her body is phenomenal. Also, can someone buy me a glitter/sparkly dress please? K thanks!

I have a strange relationship with Kylie Jenner. No, I don’t know her personally, but I like to think I do by following her Instagram. I watch all her posts yet maintain some scrutiny towards her, because you can’t just accept everything someone puts out there right? I mean she is a Kardashian – obviously I will low-key judge her. I know there are die hard fans and I am definitely a fan but she is lovely to watch. She is beautiful, and well-dressed and full of personality. Also, can we just talk about how unfair it is that tanned people look good in bright colours? Kylie looks like teen Kylie here – because this is reminiscent of all her wigs she wore. Can we have more of that Kylie please? Low-key getting tired of her black hair-extensions now…

I don’t really follow international models that hard. So I didn’t recognise Gigi Hadid here. She looks really sick though. I mean she is like back in the 80s. Or like from an Austin Powers movie. She’s too cool. Some people just have it all. #Fame

Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart

Huge fan of Riverdale over here. So these two make me very happy. Lili is just so stunningly beautiful. Like truly beautiful. I quite possibly have spent time staring at her face thinking wow you’re just lovely. Also, if you follow Cole, you’ll see how he posts about Lili when he photographs her and it is just so beautiful. Their clearly SO in love and it’s like this honest, genuine, raw, rare thing. I guess you can tell that I want them to stay together forever. Also – Cole’s from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody so how can I not love him?


Another Riverdale star. I only remember her Instagram name; her real name is Madelaine Petsch. She is verrrrrrrrry exquisite here. I’m starting to feel like a creep as I write this; sitting here rating people on how they look. But I suppose I run a fashion blog so that’s kind of my thing yo. Ahh, Madelaine just makes me happy that the Met Gala exists. She nailed it. This is my favourite outfit. Cancel all the other things I said above out. She wins. She is life.

Lana Condor

Can I take this dress home now, once she’s done with it? I really wanna wear this. Like, really wanna wear this. How can something be so amazing? I want it all. And I want my photo taken like that!

Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles in Gucci

These two are the people I’m ending things off with. I’ve heard a lot of criticism about Harry’s outfit; saying how it’s so easy to just wear this kind of top; and it is. You could go anywhere and get a top like that. Alessandro made some effort though; he kind of makes Harry look like he didn’t care to try though… So.. sucks for Harry.

I won’t lie. I had a lot of fun judging people and thinking about how I wanted to be a celebrity writing this. I am definitely looking forward to repeating this in 2020. So see you next time Met Gala!




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