How Did Lady Gaga Pull off Four Costumes at the 2019 Met Gala?

We are all thinking it; how did Lady Gaga get such a great team to design her four outfits for the 2019 Met Gala?

Well, the 34 year old designer, Brandon Maxwell, she used, has been in her life for the last 10 years. She was so inspired by the camp theme that she knew that she would need more than one outfit to truly achieve the desired effect.

Lady Gaga’s First 2019 Met Gala Outfit

I was so inspired by the amazing fashion that I saw at the Met Gala. It reminded me of why I love fashion. It tells a story and it takes you on a journey. I really felt that Lady Gaga did thais for me.

Her first outfit is just so exquisite. With fifty yards of fabric and a set of men with umbrellas parading around her she was a dream.

Lady Gaga’s Second 2019 Met Gala Outfit

Lady Gaga looks good in any colour. The bump in her black dress just makes her stand out and as she said camp isn’t about being extravagant but if you are extravagant then it is just a part of camp. The black umbrella and the cut of this black dress just make it so sophisticated yet she still looks cool af. As for her makeup – I am just in awe. I watched a video on how they did her makeup and can I just say I dig the effort. If you’re going to make a fashion statement then there is no-one better to look up to than Lady Gaga. She pulls out all the stops.

Lady Gaga’s Third 2019 Met Gala Outfit

Again – this colour screams camp. I mean it is meant to be over-the-top and a bit kitch but it is so great. Her bra sticking out over the top of her dress just adds to the whole look and feel. Paired with the glasses and the bob with the fringe she looks like a 50s model. She’s just goals. I mean for real – I wish I could be as cool as her.

Lady Gaga with Brandon Maxwell at the 2019 Met Gala

This is Gaga with Brandon Maxwell in her final outfit. Brandon knew that when he had first met Lady Gaga she was in love with the bra and panties ensemble look. It reminded her of the Burlesque style and she wanted to complete her look for the Met Gala with very little clothing. The whole point of the Met Gala was to wear clothes so she was doing something different by taking hers off.

Can someone name Lady Gaga the queen of the Met Gala already?


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