Spaces I Love

I’ve decided to write about some pictures I found online that are really amazing.

So I’ve chosen this picture because I think it really highlights the starkness of the surroundings. And that’s kind of beautiful. I feel like people don’t appreciate emptiness enough. The wintery landscape, the cloudy skies and bare trees are stunning. I am a huge fan of winter so to see such a stunningly caught scene just makes me stop for a minute. And I can tell you now that not many things make me stop for a minute. I love the simplistic white wooden table and the open windows

I love this cozy room with its garden view. It makes me feel that I can take a break from the world and disappear for awhile. The different cushions and throw overs just make the whole look complete. Candles are everywhere and this makes it homely. I’ve always wanted to get different types of candles and light them up to warm up my home. The plants are subtle statements but add to the overall feel.


It’s been my dream ever since I watched Twilight to have a house that is surrounded by trees or even better near a forest. I love this living room because the windows highlight the open space. The furniture is neutral and simplistic yet it looks so sophisticated.

I love this space because of the little couch nook in the corner. You can relax in the corner and watch the sunset. It also offers privacy if you want to have a little nap. The couch isn’t in the centre of the room and I love that. The big wide angled windows let the light in and give you a sense of freedom. This furniture is also simplistic just like the architecture of the building. It has no pretences; it just exists for a purpose. I can appreciate furniture like that. I also love the big plant by the window. it is a statement for the room and adds some green to the simplistic set up.

What kind of spaces do you guys like?

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