Why I Love Minimalist Spaces

Since I can remember I have loved minimalism. I wasn’t exactly sure why I did but I did. I guess it’s because it is elegant. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity but that’s why it works. (Also, this is my first time blogging about interior design – so save the hate – cause I am not entirely sure this is all accurate – but I’m gonna try my best).

I love this dining area because it uses such a beautiful granite top and it makes use of quirky old fashioned chairs. Maybe I don’t know anything about interior design but I think this is just grand. I love these black and white portraits. I feel like in the future Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are going to live here and have the most beautiful children. Also, I am obsessed with that mirror over there. I like that it has rounded corners and it’s in black. It’s very dated but that’s why it’s cool.

I want this bathroom. I want it so badly. Have you ever seen something more beautiful? Yes, the bath is very extra but it’s also simple. Like it’s gold but it doesn’t have that much detail on the rim (is this even correct – rim/rims? – I have no idea – moving on). I love the detail that the doors bring with their window panes. It’s very delicate and classy. The details in the wood also make it a beautiful door. (I’ll get better at writing about doors I promise). Chandeliers can really make a room and what I love about this room is that the wallpaper’s accents just make this chandelier shine. Get it – shine – cause the lights gonna make it shine. I know – I am the worst. I need to stop writing. But anyway – this is a dream bathroom for me.

I also really want this whole room and everything in it. The chairs! Oh these chairs make me so happy. I am in love with this colour. I adore this colour. I own far too many things in this colour already… But I just want to sit here and take selfies and drink tea. I love the plants in this room because it just makes a quite bland looking room pop. The cabinet in black stands out so much and it’s really lovely. I mean without this cabinet this room’s nothing really. This cabinet made the room. It owns the room! Lol that sounds weird.

I like this bedroom because it’s white. Yes, I am a big fan of white spaces. It’s just so fresh and clean. And there’s something about coming to a white bedroom with high-ceilings after a long day. It’s just amazing. I really want to sit in this chair… In case anyone was wondering. Again, these black and white paintings make a reappearance. It seems to be a thing for minimalistic spaces… I dig it.

So this is my first interior design/home space discussion thing. I did it. Yay. Now the next one will be a easier… (I hope).

Photocredit: WeHeartIt.com

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