Cute, cozy places for your evening chill sessions

I love this room because it’s unique and it almost has like a tribal funky feel to it with the cushions and decor.

The plants give it such a vibrant feel and they just show off some spunk. The chrome colour throughout this room is amazing because it takes a bland white room and adds a touch of eccentricity to it. It almost has an sixties appeal because it almost looks like you’ve walked into a hippie style apartment and I dig that. It looks homely and cosy but it looks like a good place to have a party too. Late night chill sessions probably happen nightly here. I mean don’t you just want to hang out in a space this inviting?

I love spending time in places that make me feel rejuvenated. Everything about this room makes me feel like I’ll become refreshed. This room has a ceiling fan with the chrome and white tones too and it is perfectly consistent with the rest of the room. The white shelves blend nicely with the walls and the wooden tables and cabinetry make the room seem homey.

Sometimes carpets just make a house a home. This carpet is subtle and you may not notice it as first but the straw colour mixed with the tribal prints work well with the cushions. Everything blends so well together and even though it all looks very easy to put together; it’s actually not.

And that’s the art of interior design in my opinion; making everything look seamless when there is actually a process behind selecting the colour schemes.


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