Cute ways to wear high-waisted pants!

White or cream is absolutely amazing on tanned to darker skin tones. It’s so fresh and feminine. I love these pants as a part of her jumpsuit because they’re simple and they cinch in at the waist. They are simplistic and loose but they remain sensual because they are billow out slightly.

The unbuttoning of her the top is gorgeous because it is just the right amount of sexy. The billowing of her top balances out everything and she looks polished and ready for a night out at an exclusive event. Her low ponytail is breezy and perfect for summer. Her light accessorising is also just right for the outfit because she doesn’t want this to lose some of the class of this outfit. By adding bulky accessories she would lose some of the subtle sensuality of the outfit. So this is really well-done.

This pinky colour is one of my favourite colours. It’s soft and suits everyone. It is subtle and you can add this to a darker outfit and it will change the whole effect of your outfit. I love this colour because it adds a girly appeal and it is soft. It works with this top because this top is transparent with polka-dots. That is already quite an intense pattern. Paired with a white collar shirt it gives a grunge-school girl look. The pink softens this whole look. The cinched in waist work well with the short sleeves of this top and this clutch and belt complement the outfit completely.

Yellow never looked better! That’s because it is paired with a transparent white blouse and the whole look is so summery! I love the embellished slip slops and painted toes. The bangles and headband are adores and I love this look!

I really like this combination of fabrics and colours. The pants work so well with the white buttoned down top. Speaking of which; this white buttoned down top is so cute. I really like it because it has a girlish vibe to it. Paired with the denim jacket this is such a great go to fall outfit.

How do you wear your pants like these?


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