Holiday Goal Locations

Maybe I just really want to go on a relaxing holiday in the Mediterranean but these are some of my favourite pictures that have me inspired to work hard to achieve my dreams to travel around Europe.

This scene just reminds me of Call Me By Your Name. That whole movie got me wishing for a holiday and the major songs by Sufjan Stevens were just so beautiful. It has a kind of reminiscent feeling to it; like a summer holiday where things felt innocent and relaxed. Like every moment just stood for every moment. I feel like we all need time like this to unwind.

As many people know, I love eating. I enjoy pastries, deserts, savoury foods; just generally food. So when I saw this platter spread out over such a lovely view I knew I wanted to be here. One day, I shall have a beautiful platter overlooking a landscape like this. I think nothing could be more satisfying than watching the ocean and having a glass of wine.

I really love the feeling of this room. Books belong in houses. It shows that their lived in and books are amazing. I don’t really have enough time to read a lot as I’m always studying but reading is so special. I am particularly fond of Harry Potter and am even reading it in Dutch now. Reading just opens up a door to other worlds and takes you away from difficulties. Plus there is something so simplistic about it which makes it such a treasure. I also adore greenery; it is so stunning to just be able to look out your window and see plants. I love that this room is darker than the outside and the light pours in. It is just amazing to me.

I wish I could walk along this path now. Cape Town is freezing cold now and even moving out of bed or out from under a blanket is a challenge. So I am wishing for warmer days in a vineyard somewhere in Europe.


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