Oversized Cardi’s are the best

I love oversized Cardi’s. I’ll say it again. I love them. Why? Because their cute, comfy and can change the whole feel of the look.

All black can be hectic for anyone. It can make you look serious, sexy or just inconspicuous. But with a light coloured, oversized cardi you can transform this outfit into something girly. Why do I love this specific outfit? Well this model has accessorised it so cleverly. With delicate rings and necklace pendants she looks very classy. The simplicity of the outfit shows off how beautiful it actually is which is what a lot of people struggle with; finding the balance with accessorising.

I don’t see so many peplum tops anymore; maybe their not as popular anymore but I really like this one with this thicker cardi. It’s great for a day to night kind of look because you can wrap up nicely when the night air gets cooler. I think the white floral detail is very pretty and I am obsessed with this light accessorising look. The necklace detail is so cute and the blue jeans just make the outfit pop in a subtle way.

This outfit is just cool. Seriously cool. I have a serious adoration for this dark grey. It is sophisticated yet relaxed. It’s like a no-nonsense sort of colour; yet everyone wants to be it’s friend. Yes I’m giving a colour a personality but come on how gorgeous is this lacy top? I like the extra detail in the extra straps. I’m really liking this trend of having multiple pendants on at the same time. It’s classy but also very sexy. It just makes something so simple a bit more extra. Those gold rings are also super cool and the jeans end it off in a casual and chilled sort of way.

Photocredit: WeHeartIt.com

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