Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

Flowers are amazing because they can brighten up a room and make it more like a home. A warm place to be. These are some of my favourite flower arrangements.

I love these flowers because their so pretty and the colours are so subdued. Very bright flowers can sometimes be “too much” for me. Because I’m not a very “bright” person myself. I prefer subdued colours and even when I dress I tend to go for neutral things first.

I think this flower arrangement is so cute. I love how these flowers are contained and I think I just really love white flowers. Their so beautiful and the little details with all the different types of flowers just make it divine. The longer you look at it the more detail you see in them. I also love the light purples and pinks mixed with the pop of yellow. It is sincere and sweet. I imagine I would send this to a friend.

Lastly I love this flower arrangement because it has more pink overtones. The white flowers are present but what I really love is how the green stems are still visible as she holds it.

Photocredit: WeHeartIt.com

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