Cute and Sophisticated Looks

The right shade of pink can make anyone look classy. Paired with a beautiful skirt and top you will stand out as the Serena van der Woodsen of your group. I love how chic this look is; the reasons why is it is cinched in at the waist and boosts a turtle neck. The turtle neck creates the appearance of larger boobs and also shows off how slim the model is. This black clutch is perfect for this look because it matches her top and has the same sophisticated vibe as her coat.

This look is gorgeous with the off-the shoulder look. It’s elegant and also sexy. I love the floral print paired with the cinched waistline. It is feminine because of the long sleeves and the simple straps. The modest v-neckline is also great because the dress has a lot going for it already; the neckline doesn’t need to do anything else other than be a neckline.

I adore this outfit because it’s so work-chic. For the woman on the go with a career and a social life this outfit is a must. The beautiful over-sized jacket works so well with the peplum top and dark-wash denim jeans. I particularly like the mix of colours in this outfit going from light to dark. The rings, necklaces and bangles that she wear also make this outfit anything from ordinary. Also – I adore the shades. They highlight her face and shows off her beautiful messy bun. It’s just a great look.

What is your favourite look?


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