Lana Del Rey Best Looks

Lana Del Rey is an icon. Her music, her look, her whole being is just iconic. She is marvellous and troubled. And we all love that about her. Her tumultuous voice taking us through every wave of emotion with her had us hooked, just like the many tales of addiction she sings about.

Lana looks like divine in this photo. Her perfect makeup, her old-fashioned hairstyle, just make her look like a queen. I love this shawl look on her; she is such a profound artist and I feel like everything she does for the public eye is intentional and has some meaning. The umbrella accessory for this sunny day just makes Lana have a more intriguing look. She is like a form of art herself; willing to be seen and admired.

I love Lana is this simple white dress. It is youthful and innocent; and is so different to the music she sings about the corruption of the innocent. She looks delicate and I think that translates well to who Lana is. She is a person who feels many things and she has her own issues which makes her so relatable and real. Who else will sing so sweetly about their daddy issues? I love this dresses cinched waist detail highlighting Lana’s petite frame. I adore this hairstyle because it is so intricate and feminine just like Lana. I feel like Lana spends a lot of time thinking and also posing for photography. She looks so in love with the idea of photography; and I mean that as a compliment. It is as though she too recognises that she is a form of art.

Here we can see Lana looking more directly at the camera. Her outfit is unique. You wouldn’t see just anyone wearing this. Lana looks classically beautiful with her hair styled in waves. Her red lip and dark eyeshadow make her look stunning opposed to the white. Her milky skin almost makes her look different to everyone else. I’ve noticed a trend where a lot of celebrities try to look more tanned all the time whereas Lana just embraces her paleness. I love it.

Lana is wearing an electric blue faux fur and I think it is gorgeous. Her dress is elegant and her silhouette is so beautiful in this dress. Lana looks down at the camera and I think this is appropriate. I imagine Lana looks down on people who think they are perfect or who don’t want to deal with emotion. For me, Lana gets her beauty and strength by connecting with her emotions and by being so brutally honest. Some people are so afraid of honesty and not being perfect that they themselves start to crumble. That kind of willingness to embrace the good and the bad of yourself shows maturity. Somehow, this is what I feel is conveyed in this picture.

Do you guys have any photos of Lana that you adore?


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