Amazing Home Destinations

Okay so I just want to point out that these might be people’s normal homes; but I would like to go to them for a holiday destination!

I adore this view! Imagine having sundowners here and watching the sunset. It would be incredible. The pictures you could take of the sunset would be unreal. I also lie that this wood cabin theme is here right by the water. It’s like a modern take on the wooden cabin. These arm chairs also give me life because they are so whimsical in this beautiful set up. I love the tray with drinks and fruits. It just seems so ideal. I also want to point out that I love this pillars for this fencing. They work so well with the wooden cabin and they look modern and sophisticated while also sort of blending in? Architecture right?

I personally want to spend the day just working in here. I think I would be so inspired by all the beautiful design I see around me. This room is simplistic but has a modern take on it. I love the wooden floors and the rug detailing. The rugs change the feel of the space; but this long, narrow rug with it’s block shapes make the space seem fresh and innovative. I also enjoy the coffee table which is half wood and half white. It is stunning. A small detail at the back of the room that really affects the whole vibe of this room is the textured brick walling by the TV. I love that there is a chill area for you to sit and then also a TV area for when the real chilling will begin. It. Is. Amazing.

A slightly different style but I adore this room; it is cozy and warm with the plants and I can imagine waking up looking out at plants must be so revitalising. I like the armchair in the corner next to this big pot plant. I generally like the feel of having a chair near a bed (and not just to throw yesterday’s outfit on) but to actually just add to the relaxing feel of the space. The wooden doors also add a type of magic; their almost like rustic; I feel like this room could be somewhere in the tropics. Hot, breezy but ultimately calming.

Which of these three enviornments do you love the most?


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