Beanies Are Life

So beanies are cool. Like really cool. They change the whole vibe of an outfit and for the better. I mean they’re cute and playful. They can also be edgy or sporty. And that’s why they’re cool af.

I dig this outfit cause of it’s tomboyish feel. It’s simplistic but this beanie with its fluffy tip softens it up and makes it really cute. It’s also easy to wear this outfit cause its just a plain black sweatshirt and jeans. I like simple stuff cause it’s functional and you can just throw on an accessory and you’re good.

Okay so I haven’t smiled like this in a lot time. Okay – maybe I just don’t smile so wide but I’m more the dark, sarcastic person who chuckles inside but I can appreciate how chuffed she looks. And yes I just said chuffed – but I mean that must be some amazing hot chocolate for her to be that happy. Okay – I’m being super cynical – I will stop. But how adorbs is her holiday jersey and beanie? I love this paired with the cute high-waisted jeans cinched at the waist.

This is my kinda look. Eye contact, more intense gaze and a less “happy” look overall. Some RBF over here yo. Lol – I’m joking – I am happy too – mostly when I’m watching the IT Crowd (go watch it – no seriously – it’s on Netflix – watch it now). But I love the Nike hoodie and how it goes with the yellow. Cause it’s black and so it goes with everything. Loose hair, hoodie and a beanie just tick all the boxes for me!

This is like a reinterpretation of the classic hip-hop look. This girl looks chic with her big shades and leather bag. Her multi-colour track pants are really cool cause they have a IDGAF vibe. Which I can appreciate. I love her straight hair and how it goes with the beanie. What do you guys think?

I think I would wear this outfit. It’s cool but kinda sexy. I love this leather jacket look paired with the ribbed multi-coloured beanie. Paired with these skinnies and a cute bag you’re good to go. This is perfect for the weekend and going to meet friends for coffee.

Favourite look out of these?

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