OOTD: Tank tops and accessories

There is something about a fresh white silky tank top. It’s so sexy but also so simple. And can I just say that sometimes simple fashion is so elegant. This top works well with the multi-pendant necklace cause it stops the look from being too bland. The high-waisted jeans are a great look with this tank top because it is also super simple. Blue and white are always a winner so this is a great combo.

It’s always important to remember that the colour denim that you use really influences how smart or casual the rest of the outfit will feel. This darker denim goes well with this silky tank cause it is smarter than your average jeans but not too serious that you can’t wear this in the day.

If you’re looking for a way to bring a look like this to life then try to accessorise it. Accessories really change the look and feel of an outfit so play around and spend time building a jewellery collection that can change the mood of your outfits.

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