Great hairstyles you need to try

This low hanging pony-bun is perfect for any occasion. Going for breakfast with friends, going to work, or going out for dinner? This messy-chic hairstyle is gorgeous because you can’t really tell how long it took to create. It’s kind of like the whole point – you can’t help but want to do it too because of that. I like it because there are layers of hair hanging at the front of this model’s face to stop the hairstyle from being more serious. It also is a great way to look more “adult” cause it’s not a bun or a pony tail but like a modern reinvention of the look.

I really like this hairstyle namely because it’s got two things going for it; the plait and the thick bouncy curls at the bottom. These curls start towards the middle of her hair and go down to the bottom. This plait comes down from the top and it blends into the curls. This hair style is so cute if you’re going to go shopping with the girls or just going to spend some time with your family.

This hairstyle is so Lucy Hale in my opinion. It’s flirty-chic. It’s more sophisticated than the first hairstyle up above and it’s also more controlled. It’s easier to probably walk around all day with this too knowing your hair is less likely to fall out of place. I like that she’s using a low bun – it looks very edgy and cool. Her bangs at the front also look cool cause

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