The Crop Top Look

I kind of think crop-tops are here to stay. They’re fun and perfect for summer.

I like this look cause of it’s two toned effect. A lot of crop tops either are totally transparent or a solid fabric. This top incorporates both which is great because if it’s totally transparent and you’re wearing a black bra underneath it’s more suited to going out at night in. But this is cool – cause it’s the best of both worlds and you could wear this in the day easily. I like these high-waisted light wash denim jeans cause their casual but chic. I’ve mentioned this before but the colour wash jeans you wear greatly change the vibe of the your outfit. The lighter the denim the more casual the look. I like the accessorising of this look cause it’s simple but it stands out.

So this look is super cute. I like the contrasting colours and maroon is really in. You might not notice the light accessorising but it all works together; the gold chain around her neck goes with the gold bracelet and the gold chained handbag and belt buckle detail. You might not think it’s a big deal but all the little details add up and they make a much matched consistent look. If you were to imagine this look with silver and gold and different colours it wouldn’t look as well-put together. I guess you just need to train your mind to look out for this when you put together your outfits.

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