Stuck wearing black all the time? Here’s how to change that.

I love this look. Cardi’s are amazing – I’ve said this before for sure. This cute little top works so well with the other layers of this outfit cause it’s floral. Floral is like one of those things that just work with so many things. Especially summer outfits. This top has a really cute neckline and has a flattering effect for smaller-chested people. The lighter denim shorts also look cute with this outfit because the cardigan is a lighter colour. You could easily wear darker denim shorts instead because this floral top has darker undertones. So it could work. But for the sake of a more summery look the lighter denim works well.

A dress like this is timeless. It can be worn year after year and with a fitted blazer or cardigan it will look very elegant. This dress is so beautiful because of the detailing on it. I think it is great for summer and it’s actually really easy to wear because it requires very little accessoring. I like how this model has a simple black handbag, a pair of shades on and she’s ready to go out. This is fashion for me.

Colour Coordination Tip #1

So I think the major thing here for me is that sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a fashion rut where you feel like you can’t wear colours anymore. Maybe you feel like it’s hard to colour coordinate. Then try simple things; wear black and add one layer of colour; that way you are guaranteed not to go wrong. For some people that’s the most they are comfortable with; and that’s okay. But experimenting with colour takes time and it can be a difficult process so try enjoy finding which colours work for you. You’ll probably see that some colours are really not for you – and once you’ve discovered it you’re halfway there to enjoying adding colours to your wardrobe. So don’t look at stuff like that as a waste of your time. The more you learn about what you like the less likely it will be that you will be uncomfortable wearing your new clothes you’ve purchased.

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