Holiday Look Outfit Inspo: adding black to your look

So in my previous post I spoke about how you can stop relying on black all the time. Now I’ll speak about how you can incorporate black into your holiday attire.

If you’re like me and wearing colour is something you need to remind yourself to do then holiday fashion can be overwhelming. That’s because people seem to love wearing bright colours and prints. Sometimes though adding black to a look just adds a touch of class and sophistication. And maybe if you’re like me and start going a bit crazy seeing all the tribal print jumpsuits this is exactly what you need.

I really like this outfit because it’s really perfect for a beach holiday. It’s sultry and light for the summer weather but it’s also sensual. The black top with it’s longer sleeves works really well with this light brown skirt and it doesn’t make her look dull at all. The black contrasts so nicely with the background and this is a classic look.

I adore this look because it’s sensual and flirty. The tie crop top and this striped skirt work so well together cause it’s a balanced look of lighter colours and darker colours. You don’t have to look serious in black and this look really stands out to me because the black actually makes this look more fun. If this was an all white look or a light pastel colour skirt and top then there would be a totally different effect. But this all works together to create a beautiful look that would be perfect for a dinner overlooking the beach.

Okay so silky tank tops always work on holidays. Their sexy and easy to wear and you’re guaranteed to look great in photos. This black top works so well with this white pair of pants because it’s such a gorgeous contrast. I especially like how the two fabrics work so well together. It’s like one of those looks that look like they took two minutes to throw together. Those are the best kind of looks. Everyone is sort of envious that they didn’t put something like that together.

So as you can see there are easy ways to add black into your holiday looks. And you don’t have to worry about seeming odd compared to everyone else. Black is timeless which means if everyone is wearing a trend that might go out of fashion soon you’ll be okay if you look back at these photos. No-one will say oh wow I can’t believe you wore that!

Maybe it’s just my cautious side coming out but I like it when people have options to go back to what is “easy” and “safe” for them in a fashion sense. You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable on holiday; so if adding some black into your style will help you then go for it!

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