Summer Outfit inspo! Strappy vibes

So today I’m kind of feeling inspired by the strappy look. So I found two outfits I can show you that look a m a z i n g.

I love this look. It’s not for everyone cause the jeans are in stark contrast to the jumpsuit but I think it works. So like do you know why the jeans contrast this jumpsuit? Well, it’s cause they’re a light wash and their not “skinny skinny” jeans. They’re looser and therefore more casual and they also give the illusion of bigger legs. Since this model has an amazing body you won’t see her as looking “thick” but if someone who had a different body shaped tried this you may not get the same look and feel. To avoid this I would recommend trying on a darker pair of skinnies to keep the attention on the strappy jumpsuit. Overall though this look is cute. I love how her skin is glowing in this sunlight. I think this is part of the whole look – she wants people to see her skin and to see her body and how it looks. By the way in case you guys are wondering I’m on a whole skin care buzz at the moment so if I seem super into skin that’s why….

Okay so outfit number two yo. This is something I doubt I would wear. But if you know me you would get it. I tend to be more cautious and personally I think I would just be worrying about keeping everything in place if you get what I mean. But this is the most gorgeous top. I love how the straps are just in the right places and I love the crochet detail on this top. Its just the right amount of sexy. If you had this in red too you would be set for your date night look or going out with the girls. What I don’t like so much about this is the lighter wash denim – it makes the outfit more casual. But… I think that’s kind of the point. I’m also really not feeling the thick belt trend but maybe that’s just cause I prefer to keep things more inconspicuous. Either way – it’s a dope outfit and if you are gonna try it you should go for it – and then take a selfie!

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