Cute PJ ideas

Okay so I’ve had this idea for a while that I should write a post about pjs. Yes, it’s super random but I am secretly in love with all thinks silky and lovely. So here are some of my favourite pjs.

I love kimonos and these little wraps. And just a little warning I know that the traditional Japanese garment has received a lot of attention recently with Kim K trying to launch her new shape wear brand as Kimono. So just to clarify – the term kimono is used very loosely here – I know they are called kimonos on fashion sites and fashion brands (so if you do know a more appropriate word please let me know.) Anyway – I love this look cause the all white and the black work so well together. It is sensual af. I really like these types of shorts cause their sexy as hell and also appropriate (I think). Lol I have a pink pair like this and I’ve decided their okay to wear around my flat so their okay in my book. Lol anyway this kimono is cute cause it’s great for getting breakfast when you’ve just woken up or for lounging around at home in.

Okay I am a huge fan of the “nightie” as some of you will know. Nighties are everything. You can call them a night dress too but I guess I just grew up with nightie so it kind of stuck. Besides what she’s wearing I love the little bra she’s got on her bed. I adore these types of bras – (but they’re not very supportive usually so that kind of sucks). But I think if you go to an exclusive bra shop you may find one that is as supportive as it is sexy so you should go for that. So I love silk cause it is so sexy and sometimes after a long day you may need to feel sexy. So this works.

This is a really cute set of pjs. I love this silky look with the button up pjs. I know some women wear button up pjs and they are like the opposite of sexy but it’s really goes down to the material. Silk usually always is appealing but then you must stick to colours that are not like “older”. It’s easy to see if you look cute or not so don’t stress about this. You will kind of just know whether something makes you look good or bad.

Two of my favourite things in one outfit; a kimono and a nightie. Goals over here. But seriously this is like me in summer when I am at home. Clothes for who – I am a pyjama girl who loves to feel luxurious. And I promise you this is the best kind of self-care – feeling all glam even when you’re chilling. I recommend trying it.

Okay so I am long overdue to get a pair of pjs like this. Like I needed a pair like this two months ago but like it’s winter now so I’ll just get some when summer comes back. I don’t know about you guys but I freeze in the winter. Like I sleep in a onesie a lot. I am that person. But I love this simplistic take on pjs. They’re cute because they’re minimalist but their also super feminine. I can imagine sipping coffee on the couch and watching tv with the boyfriend wearing these.

Am I the only one who feels like this outfit screams Spencer Hastings? No, ok. Well I feel like it’s her style. I dig this look cause it’s sort of edgy IDGAF vibes. Okay, so at first glance maybe the sheep skin slippers aren’t that “cool” but they actually work with the outfit. You wanna know why? Cause the track suit pants are three quarters and so if these were more like bootie slippers it would mean there would be that tiny awkward gap. And that gap is only bad when it’s really small. When it is a bigger gap like this then it’s okay. You need to have a bigger gap or no gap at all. It’s the gap rule. It’s complicated but somehow I’m sure it makes sense when you see people wearing clothes with an awkward gap.

Okay so I left my favourite for last. I am searching for an affordable pair of pjs that look like this. Most places want to charge like R800 and I’m just like nah brah do I look like I have R800 to spend on fake silk pjs? Cause the answers no. But if anyone is looking for a birthday present idea this is it. I am ready to go all Selena Gomez on my sleepwear.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I liked writing it!

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