Bedroom and lounge review

This lounge is like dreams for me. It has a huge personality and the brick walls make it look so sophisticated. This room has a charming appeal and I believe it looks larger than it is because of the big windows letting the light fall in. I also love the effect of openness where the blinds aren’t down (I think there are blinds – although I’m not sure…) But besides that I adore the wooden floors. They are the height of luxury and what really works about this room is the big print carpet. So let me explain what I mean by big print; if it had like borders and lots of little intricate details it would be a smaller print and would be busier. The fact that this has larger details really makes it work because it really jumps out with the wooden floors.

Okay so this room’s kind of cute for like a guest bedroom. It’s cosy and it kind of has like a cool 80s vibe to it with those long curtains. Also, those carpet/fur things are just so interesting. I really want to meet who put this room together; there’s like so much going on but somehow it all works – I don’t know if I would have this ability to throw stuff together and make it look cute. What I also love his how the floral on the bedding goes with the curtains at the top. Because everything is sort of different it all works. I guess chaos can be pretty.

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