Living spaces I want to visit

Sometimes you just feel like you need a vacation. Today’s one of those days for me. It’s been a really long set of days and often what makes me feel better is writing my book or just watching some of my favourite series. If you’re wondering what series I’m into these days watch The IT Crowd, Superstore and Jane the Virgin. Also, sometimes (okay a lot of the time) I rewatch a lot of my favourite shows – so these are three shows I’ve recently gotten into. Anyway, these spaces make me feel things so here they are.

I adore this space because of the different textures and colours. The darker green colour really makes this room have a different feel to it. I like it because it’s not just one tone; it’s got a painted feel to it. I I also love the grey and white carpet. It actually is one of the more subtle pieces in this room but it makes this space feel less bare. I enjoy the animal pieces on the far-wall because their modern and also have a new-age vibe to the room. One of the things that really can make a space are the subtle touches; and in this room it’s the throw on the couch; the different styles of cushions and the vases and candles. The feel of pottery and metal iis prominent here and it just works. I think I would feel very calm sitting in this room (or rather lounging) around here. It looks like the perfect place to write a novel.

So slightly different vibe but this one is also amazing. I enjoy this space because it makes use of contrasting colours; the metals, and the black and white. It also has a minimalist feel to it which you get from the arm chair and the shelf. Instead of your traditional shelf that would hold books this is clearly a decorative shelf and I dig that. Also, again – details people! I love this plant at the back of this room next to the “g”. Also who has a “g” on their floor? I mean – you don’t get cooler than that. I also spy an m on the botton left which is also very abstract but it’s working for these people. The carpet is a nice break from the white and black feel cause the stripes break it up a bit. Maybe I just love details but I think these two spaces are as great as they are cause of them.

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