Great Business Looks

Maybe you’re like me and you hit a slump where you don’t know what to wear one day; or maybe like a week. You just feel uninspired with the clothes that you have. And it’s okay – it happens to all of us. But here are some cool tips for how to avoid this annoying problem.

Look for your blazers.

Okay so one of the things that I tend to forget is my cute blazers; and I mean a blazer can really make an outfit so cute! So go find your blazers and put them on your bed and see what colours they are. Decide then what colours they can work with and then make a mental note of what you can wear with each of them. Blazers are ultra chic and great for work.

I like this blazer suit because it is ultra chic and sexy but it’s also comfortable and snug. It’s like the perfect combo. I must warn you though – it is for the very confident or hipsters; so if you try it – good luck.

I’m gonna end off with this cute blazer suit. Well I guess it’s not really a suit but I don’t really know what you would call it; considering they are shorts… But it’s incredibly pretty and I love how this model’s loose hair makes this outfit look the right amount of casual and classy.

One day I’ll be cool enough to wear these outfits – until then I’ll just keep writing about them.

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