Cute Bedroom Inspo

So you know I love all things pretty. And bedrooms are where you spend your time relaxing and sleeping so I thought I would share some #bedroominspo with you today.

I love this bedroom because it is so vibrant. The plants inside and outside give it a homey feel and also make it feel a bit distant from society. Sometimes, the best sort of homes are the ones that make you feel like you are on a vacation. The one place in Cape Town that makes me feel this way is Hout Bay. When you leave you feel refreshed. I also love how this bed fits so snugly into this room. It is a bit tight but it also makes you feel secure. I think the big wooden window panes are gorgeous because they tie into the natural theme.

Another bedroom I’m really loving is this one. Again, space is limited but somehow this doesn’t seem to make it look bad. I love the different throws and the shades of grey. Even the laundry basket is great because it fits into the décor. The décor is minimalist and it makes use of metal predominantly. I like that they use different patterned cushions to soften the grey and white in this room. I’ve noticed that a big trend these days is to put paintings onto shelves and not hang them. I think this is pretty cool.

I definitely would choose the first bedroom as opposed to the second bedroom for myself. I adore plants and I think the open look is amazing.

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