Dream House Design

So we are going to play a game today. Okay no – that sounds like the SAW movies and I don’t feel like traumitising myself. No, today we’re gonna look at some cool photos of a house I would like to own.

Firstly, isn’t this house amazing? I really want to own this car and this house. But mostly this house. I love how overcast this looks and how the trees look so big. Kinda random but I love houses that have large trees around them and that the weather looks overcast. One of my favourite movies is Twilight (yes – most people think it’s lame) but the weather and the cool houses made teenage Lucy really excited about architecture and décor.

I am ready to call this my bathroom. From the rug to the plants to the candles and the general vibe I want it all. As for the bath holder I am obsessed with it. The white bath and walls which contrast with the black tiled floors and countertops create a sophisticated look that is relaxed and inviting.


Okay, so to finish it off I would love to have this space because it’s open and bright. It makes use of this dark metal and I think the slanted windows makes this room so modern. The light wood flooring and table detail softens this space and the décor is really nice. I like the plants and the couch in the corner. I feel like that couch would be my couch where I watch the sunrise (okay I’m lying – I am never willingly up that early to watch the sunrise) but I would use that couch for blogging later on in the day. With a glass of wine and some snacks I would probably never move. (And that’s my ideal way to spend time), just relaxing, writing, spending time with people I care about. Do you guys like these spaces too?

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