Two Green Spaces! Which do you prefer?

Okay I love this space. It’s cute and fun and I dig the colours that have been used. This space is great because it’s got a lot going on and it’s super vibrant.

The thing that is cool about this room is the different colours and textures used. You have the couch with it’s two toned look; the lighter brown and the darker brown. The cushions all have different patterns, and the light brown and green cushions go with the couch and the wall. The rest of the accessories have light brown/gold and green undertones which make them perfect for this room. Secondly, the décor is plant-centric which means that it follows an overall theme. So even though everything sort of looks busy – it all works cause of the consistency.

I really love this room because it’s so is elegant. To me this is like a great space to relax after a stressful week. Visually, it is stimulating but also relaxing. The décor is easy on the eyes and I like it because plants are great for improving the mood. The natural, openness that this room exudes creates an energising space and the minimalist paintings help create a structured look to this wall. Without the paintings the room would look empty and perhaps a bit depressing. I think the subdued tones of the wall, flooring and linen create a cohesive look; and they leave the busyness to the greenery in the room.

Which room is your favourite?

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