How does length change your appearance?

So today we’re choosing outfits and I must say I’m choosing number three (bottom right) cause I love a good asymmetrical skirt.

So something I see a lot is people wearing clothes that are all the wrong lengths together and it looks terrible. For example, if a short woman wears a loose midi dress with a large coat that are the same length she might look boxy and even smaller than she is. If you’re small it’s a good idea to wear dresses and coats that don’t go below your knee. Maxi dresses are okay because they don’t cut your legs like a midi skirt or dress would. So the same goes for this outfit; she’s wearing a figure hugging maxi skirt paired with a long-sleeve top that shows a bit of skin. It’s perfect because there’s nothing worse than pulling a long sleeve top down or tucking it in and there are bumps. This outfit looks sophisticated and sexy and doesn’t look frumpy at all which is what can happen if you get your lengths mixed up.

The second outfit also is really cute. I adore that track suit! Is it not the cutest? I really also love her bag – the fold-over detailing is really practical and pretty. Also her hair is really nice. So I’m on this whole hair and skin care buzz where I really want to look after myself so I’m noticing stuff I didn’t always in the past.

And lastly – the best outfit (okay maybe not for everyone but for me) is the jersey and skirt combo. What really works well is how the jersey is baggy but also tucked into her skirt shows how skinny she is. Black goes with everything and paired with this skirt you’ll look sexy and sophisticated.

So… What’s your favourite outfit?

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