Okay so I’m really enjoying creating templates of all my favourite outfits so today I made this one. I’ve got to say summer style can really be so stylish. Seeing all these cute outfits together makes me so glad that fashion exists. I would be so miserable if we all had to wear the same clothes.

Okay so the top left outfit is my favourite because there is something so timeless about the high-neckline. The reason why I love it so much is because the dress has a ruffle detail. So often people think they can only look good if their outfit shows a lot of skin. But this outft proves this wrong. And I love a beautiful white dress. My best friend Carmel loves white and she’s definitely made me realise I need more of it in my wardrobe.

The other outfit I love is the top right outfit; and yes they are totally different. But I kind of can be totally different depending on my mood. And how I dress is really a determining factor for how I feel. So I guess I kind of love it because it’s got leather treggings (that’s right hey – they are more leggings than pants so their treggings…) Anyway – they are really cool and I adore this top so it’s my second favourite outfit.

The other outfits are so summer chic that I want to try them all. However, I doubt that I would ever wear the bottom left outfit cause that’s like kind of what I call a brave outfit. (It’s a brave outfit for me but that’s only cause I don’t always wear the most fashion forward stuff). But anyway which one is your guys favourite?

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