And again with the crop tops!

Okay so if you read my other post about crop tops you’ll know that I mentioned how great it is that high-waisted skirts and pants exist to make crop tops accessible for everyone. This outfit feels reminiscent of something Lucy Hale would wear. Speaking of Lucy Hale have you guys seen her show Katy Keene is coming out soon? I am definitely keen to watch it. Still can’t admit how obsessed I was growing up watching Pretty Little Liars. That show and the fashion just inspired me so much.

Anyway back to this outfit… It feels like this outfit also looks amazing because it’s got that whole balanced feel to it. You’ll notice that the jeans are cuffed which created a gap between her ankles and that works so well with the gap between the jeans and the crop top. Okay, so I’m not sure if she’s standing on her tippy toes in black socks or if they are high-heeled ankle boots. But high-heeled ankle boots are always a great addition to an outfit with a crop top. The reason being is a crop top breaks your body so to speak whereas when you don’t have a crop top and there isn’t a gap showing skin your body looks longer. Like for instance if you wear all black or all grey – your body looks thinner and taller because it doesn’t have that “break-up” effect as if you were wearing blue and orange. So it’s the same with the high-heels. It’s all an illusion lol. I really like this little handbag because it is dainty and it goes with the overall gold accents. You’ll notice that this model’s ring, bracelet and necklace are all gold. It’s all in the details and I know this can be intimidating but it comes down to practice. If you practice pairing things together that are similar you’ll find it gets easier with time.

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